Unlocking Better Sleep: The Role of Dental Sleep Medicine

Why is dental sleep medicine important and why you should know? You know that feeling when you're completely exhausted, but just can't seem to fall asleep no matter what? Or maybe you conk out just fine, but then spend the whole night tossing, turning, and waking up in a puddle of sweat.

Insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome...these frustrating sleep issues can really ruin everything from your mood to your health. After all, good quality sleep isn't just a luxury - it's an essential human function our bodies require to recharge and operate properly.

Of course, solutions exist like those cumbersome CPAP machines that force air down your throat all night. But let's be real - most people HATE having to slap on those uncomfortable masks and loud apparatus next to their bed each evening.

Well, what if I told you your dentist in Beverly Hills could actually help treat breathing disorders and sleep problems more comfortably? It's all thanks to the emerging field of dental sleep medicine and optimizing oral devices known as oral appliance therapy. Keep reading to learn more about this innovative approach!


Sleep apnea test beverly hills ca


What is Dental Sleep Medicine?

So dental sleep medicine...sounds a bit like an oxymoron, right? You might be wondering what the heck your dentist has to do with treating sleep disorders and breathing issues.

Here's the deal - dental sleep medicine is a specialized field where dentists receive extra training on everything from breathing physiology and sleep stages to the specifics of sleep-related breathing disorders like sleep apnea.

A big part of their expertise involves using custom-fitted oral appliances and techniques to ensure you're able to breathe easily and without any obstructions overnight. This optimizes oxygen flow and allows you to cycle through all those vital sleep phases we need to be fully rested and functional.

While medical doctors and hospitals take more of a generalized, full-body approach, dentists in sleep medicine are laser-focused on the oral cavity's role in promoting quality sleep and unrestricted breathing patterns. They understand all the anatomy and physiology unique to the mouth, jaws, tongue, and how to establish an ideal airway.

These highly-skilled sleep dentists don't just treat breathing disorders either. They can also provide custom night guards to prevent teeth grinding and solutions for disruptive snoring that keeps you and your sleep partner up at night.

Why See a Dentist for Sleep Apnea?

Most people assume that if they have a sleep disorder like sleep apnea, they'll need to get treated by a medical doctor or specialist like a pulmonologist or ENT. After all, apnea is a serious condition where you literally stop breathing repeatedly throughout the night, right?

The reality is that the underlying cause for many sleep apnea sufferers actually stems from oral anatomy and physiology. We're talking issues like:

  • Large tonsils or excess soft tissue crowding the airway
  • A tongue that falls back and obstructs the throat while you sleep
  • Underdeveloped or misaligned jaws that restrict the airway space
  • Small mouths and dental arches that can't accommodate the tongue

All of those factors directly impact the size and functionality of your airway behind the tongue. When that airway becomes restricted or blocked while you're sleeping, that's what triggers the disruptive snoring, gasping, and cessation of breathing so many experience.

Since dentists specialize in the oral cavity, they have an incredibly advanced level of knowledge when it comes to establishing clear, unrestricted breathing pathways. Their treatments using oral appliance therapy are focused on optimizing airflow through the mouth and throat areas.

By eliminating breathing obstructions, you can prevent the disruptive sleep patterns, next-day fatigue, and other health impacts associated with sleep apnea. For many patients, oral appliances from sleep dentists provide a simpler, more comfortable alternative to cumbersome CPAP therapy - especially for those with milder apnea cases or who struggle with CPAP intolerance.

The Cutting-Edge Vivos Treatment

Alright, for all you sleep apnea warriors out there who are sick of wrestling with CPAP masks and hoses...or anyone looking to tackle their breathing issues from the root...Dr. Jamielynn Hanam-Jahr has an amazing new treatment option that could be an absolute game-changer.

It's called Vivos, and it's truly revolutionary in the world of dental sleep medicine. Instead of surface-level solutions, Vivos uses a custom-fitted progressive series of gentle oral appliances and techniques to actually remodel and permanently expand your entire oral cavity over time.

The key is promoting proper positioning and posture for your tongue and jaws as the treatment helps your upper and lower dental arches develop more volume and space. With that increased oral capacity, your airway finally gets the breathing room it needs to function uninhibited at night.

No more snoring, gasping for air, or feeling like you just ran a marathon when you wake up! Vivos treatment allows you to experience full, peaceful sleep by eliminating the root cause of your breathing issues. And since it's 100% non-invasive, there's no surgery, anesthesia, or harsh treatments involved.

The process is pretty straightforward - you simply wear the personalized Vivos mouthpieces for 12-16 hours each day, often just while sleeping. Then over 12-24 months, the gentle appliances guide your arches, tongue, and oral structures into their ideal functional form and volume.

For a bonus, lots of Vivos patients see improvements in their dental alignment too as the arches develop more room! So you get the optimized airway for unrestricted breathing PLUS a straighter, broader smile without braces. It's a true whole-mouth transformation.

vivos sleep apnea treatment


Why Vivos Beats Uncomfortable CPAP

You know one of the most amazing advantages of this Vivos treatment method? It recently became the first and only oral appliance system to receive FDA clearance for treating even severe cases of obstructive sleep apnea!

Let that sink in for a second. An oral device that can provide a viable alternative to those noisy, cumbersome CPAP machines many sleep apnea sufferers have to lug around and sleep attached to every single night...for the rest of their lives. No thanks!

See, the problem with CPAP is that while it forces air into your airway to allow breathing, it doesn't actually treat or correct whatever is obstructing or restricting that airway in the first place. Vivos is different - it works from the inside out, expanding and optimizing your oral structures so your body can breathe naturally on its own.

Once that remodeling process is complete after 12-24 months, most patients no longer require any appliances at all going forward. You're free to breathe easy without any special equipment!

For countless people turned off by the CPAP lifestyle, Vivos provides a far more comfortable, convenient long-term solution. No intense surgical procedures that irreversibly modify your anatomy either. Just your body undergoing its own natural development and growth process to establish an open, unrestricted airway.

Oral Devices: The Breathe-Easy Benefit

Of course, undergoing the full Vivos treatment isn't always necessary for everyone struggling with sleep and breathing woes. Sometimes, simple custom-fitted oral appliances from Dr. Hanam-Jahr can provide the relief and quality sleep you need.

These user-friendly devices work by gently repositioning your jaw slightly forward while you sleep in order to increase the space in your airway pathway. With more room for oxygen to flow, your breathing remains unobstructed and snoring/apnea events are reduced or eliminated.

Compared to CPAP equipment, oral appliance therapy tends to be:

  • Way more comfortable and easy to sleep with
  • Makes zero disruptive noise to keep you or your partner awake
  • Portable and convenient for travel (no hauling machines!)
  • More cost-effective long-term than renting CPAP supplies
  • Better complied with, especially for milder apnea cases

And the benefits don't stop there! Oral devices can easily pair with other sleep-optimizing habits and treatments like positional trainers that prevent sleeping on your back. Or myofunctional exercises that improve tongue posture and nasal breathing.

For some patients, Dr. Hanam-Jahr may actually recommend starting with an oral appliance while undergoing the Vivos remodeling process too. This can provide temporary sleep apnea management until your ideal oral capacity is achieved.

So, whether you opt for standalone oral devices or the full comprehensive Vivos treatment...Dr. Hanam-Jahr has a dental sleep medicine solution to help you overcome disruptive snoring and achieve truly restorative, uninterrupted sleep again!

The Incredible Benefits of Better Breathing

At the end of the day, having your dentist optimize your oral physiology for unrestricted breathing is about so much more than just silencing snores or sleep apnea episodes. It's about unlocking your ability to experience deep, rejuvenating sleep in its most pure form again.

You know that foggy, groggy feeling after a night of disruptive breathing and micro-awakenings? Well, restoring proper nasal airflow means you can finally cycle through those vital sleep stages properly and wake up feeling refreshed and mentally sharp.

It means giving your body the oxygen levels it needs to function at its maximum potential throughout the day. No more dealing with that typical sleep apnea fatigue, irritability, lack of focus or motivation after another terrible night's sleep.

From improved memory and concentration to better physical stamina and whole-body health...there's no overstating the positive impacts that adequate breathing can have on your overall quality of life. And it all starts with identifying obstructions in the oral cavity that may be holding you back.

Take Action for Better Sleep Today!

If you're tired of struggling with poor sleep quality and breathing issues, Dr. Jamielynn Hanam-Jahr and the team at Beverly Hills Aesthetic Dentistry are here to help. We're passionate about using the latest advancements in dental sleep medicine to help you achieve the restful, rejuvenating sleep you deserve.

Here's how we can help you get started:

  • Comprehensive Sleep Assessment: Dr. Hanam-Jahr will thoroughly evaluate your unique sleep breathing patterns, symptoms, and oral anatomy to determine the best treatment approach.
  • Custom Oral Appliance Therapy: We'll design personalized oral devices to gently reposition your jaw and tongue, ensuring an open airway for uninterrupted breathing throughout the night.
  • Vivos Treatment Options: For those wanting a permanent solution, Dr. Hanam-Jahr may recommend the innovative Vivos system to remodel your oral structures and overcome sleep apnea for good.

You don't have to settle for the nightly battle with CPAP or resign yourself to a lifetime of disruptive snoring and apnea episodes. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Jamielynn Hanam-Jahr today and take the first step towards the quality sleep you've been dreaming of. Visit our website to learn more about how dental sleep medicine could be the breath of fresh air you need!

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Sleep apnea test beverly hills ca



What's the difference between CPAP and oral appliance therapy?

CPAP uses a machine to force air into the airway, while oral appliances reposition the jaw to keep the airway open naturally. Oral appliances are more comfortable, portable and affordable for many.

How effective are oral devices at treating sleep apnea? Do they work for severe cases?

Oral appliances can significantly reduce or eliminate sleep apnea events, even in moderate to severe cases per recent studies. The Vivos treatment is FDA-cleared for all apnea severity levels.

Can oral appliances cause any tooth movement or bite changes?

When properly fitted by an experienced dental sleep professional, oral appliances maintain optimal jaw positioning and tooth alignment to avoid any bite issues.

How often do the oral devices need to be replaced or adjusted?

Most oral appliances last for 1-3 years with proper maintenance. Adjustments or replacements can be made by your Beverly Hills dentist as needed during that time.

Will insurance cover any portion of costs for dental sleep medicine treatment?

Portions of costs may be covered by medical and/or dental insurance, depending on your specific plan and required coding. Our team works to maximize any available benefits.

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