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Are you thinking about getting sleep apnea oral appliances because you're struggling with sleepless nights and groggy mornings? A sleep apnea oral appliance from Beverly Hills Aesthetic Dentistry might be the solution you need. Imagine settling into bed only to wake up feeling just as exhausted as when you lay down.

It could be sleep apnea stealthily undermining your rest.

Unchecked, sleep apnea deteriorates your sleep quality and overall health. However, custom-fit oral appliances offer a straightforward, comfortable solution to reclaim your nights. Read on to discover how you can enhance your sleep and overall health.


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You Deserve Better Sleep

Dragging yourself through each day fueled by coffee or energy drinks is no way to live. You find relief in going to bed, yet you wake up feeling unrefreshed. What's the problem?

Likely, it's sleep apnea—a common disorder affecting over 22 million Americans. It causes the muscles in your throat to relax excessively and block your airway, cutting off oxygen until you gasp awake to breathe.

Most sufferers are unaware of these mini-awakenings, which prevent deep, restorative REM and deep sleep phases.

Over time, poor sleep quality can:

  • Increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke
  • Leave you exhausted, no matter how much you rest
  • Impair your concentration, memory, and performance
  • Increase irritability, anxiety, and depression

Don’t resign yourself to poor-quality sleep! Custom oral appliances offer an easy, comfortable remedy for sleep apnea symptoms.

Alternatives to Bulky CPAP Machines

The well-known CPAP machine, which uses pressurized air to keep airways open, often becomes a burden due to its bulkiness and discomfort.

Despite its effectiveness, CPAP machines can introduce additional problems:

  • Discomfort and annoyance from wear
  • Air leaks drying out your mouth and nose
  • Adjustment difficulties
  • Disruption of intimate moments
  • Sleep disturbances due to noise and discomfort

Many abandon CPAP due to these issues, leaving their apnea untreated. However, custom oral appliances provide a simple alternative that keeps your airway open without the hassle. 

Custom-Fitted for Maximum Comfort

Oral appliances are tailored to your unique dental structure, ensuring comfort and correct positioning.

They’re discreet, lightweight devices that fit neatly around your teeth, often making you forget you’re wearing them.

Types of Oral Appliances:

Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs):

These devices work by gently moving your lower jaw forward. This adjustment increases the space at the back of your throat, preventing your tongue and other tissues from blocking the airway during sleep.

Tongue Retaining Devices:

Designed to keep the tongue positioned forward, these devices prevent it from falling back and obstructing the airway. They are particularly useful for individuals with a narrow nasal airway or a larger tongue, ensuring unobstructed breathing throughout the night.


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Innovative Solutions like the Vivos DNA Appliance

The Vivos DNA Appliance stands out with its advanced, non-invasive approach, targeting sleep apnea's root causes. It offers a custom-fit that secures the tongue to prevent airway blockage, ideal for those with narrow airways or larger tongues. Treatment typically lasts 12-24 months, addressing fundamental issues for enduring relief and better sleep.

Experience Effective, Proven Solutions

Custom oral appliances have been shown to:

  • Reduce apnea events by 50% or more
  • Normalize oxygen levels
  • Restore restorative REM sleep
  • Eliminate loud snoring
  • Significantly lower blood pressure

In studies, devices like the mandibular advancement device have dramatically reduced apnea events, improving daytime alertness, mood, and cognitive function.

Start Your Journey to Better Sleep

At Beverly Hills Aesthetic Dentistry, Our doctor understands the struggle with sleepless nights due to sleep apnea. Our goal is to provide simple, comfortable solutions that fit your lifestyle without resorting to cumbersome devices or invasive procedures.

Here’s how we help:

  • We begin with precise dental impressions.
  • We craft a slim, custom-fit mouthpiece just for you.
  • We ensure a perfect fit that allows comfortable, unrestricted breathing all night.

Contact Dr. Jamielynn Hanam-Jahr today to schedule your consultation and explore our sleep apnea solutions. Take our sleep apnea quiz to assess your risk and start on the path to restorative sleep every night.

Schedule your consultation at our airway clinic today and get the relief you're looking for.


Sleep apnea test beverly hills ca



Can oral appliances cure sleep apnea?

While they can’t "cure" sleep apnea, for many with mild symptoms, these devices significantly reduce or even eliminate disruptions. For severe cases, they can decrease the frequency and intensity of interruptions.

 Must I wear the appliance every night?

Yes, consistency is key for effective treatment.

Can I talk or drink while wearing the device?

Remove the appliance for eating or drinking to maintain its position and effectiveness.

How do I care for my oral appliance?

Clean with a soft-bristled brush and cool water daily; use a specialized cleaner weekly.

Is sleeping in other positions possible with the appliance?

Yes, the custom fit ensures effectiveness in any sleeping position.

Adjustment period?

Most adapt within 2-4 weeks, with initial bulkiness giving way to comfort.

Embrace the transformation towards a better night's sleep with the help of Dr. Jamielynn Hanam-Jahr at Beverly Hills Aesthetic Dentistry.

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