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Many parents are looking for a bedwetting treatment in Beverly Hills, this is no secret. Does your child struggle with bedwetting (enuresis), feeling embarrassed and tired? Now picture a morning where they wake up dry and confident. At Beverly Hills Aesthetic Dentistry, led by Dr. Jamielyn Hanam-Jahr, we get how tough bedwetting can be, emotionally.

Bedwetting is more than just a wet bed. It can make your child feel ashamed and anxious. But there's hope.

Learn how her treatments change lives, giving people confidence and happiness. Imagine a future where bedwetting is history, and your child wakes up dry and happy. Let's take this journey together toward a better, brighter life.

What Causes Bedwetting (enuresis)?

Got a kiddo struggling with bedwetting? It’s pretty common, and here’s why it might be happening:

  • Family History: If mom or dad had the same issue, it might run in the family.
  • Growing Up Slowly: Sometimes, a kid’s bladder just takes its time to develop fully.
  • Hormone Stuff: A special hormone that controls nighttime pee production might be lagging a bit.
  • Stress: Big emotions or changes can sometimes lead to bedwetting.
  • Infections: A urinary tract infection can make controlling the bladder trickier.
  • Constipation: Yep, it can actually affect bladder control, too.
  • Bruxism and Teeth Grinding: Grinding your teeth is a sign of something bigger.
  • Sleep Issues: Things like pediatric sleep apnea can mess with deep sleep, making it tough to wake up in time.

The Root Cause: Airway and Bedwetting

When we think about bedwetting, the connection to airway issues might not immediately come to mind, but it's a crucial link to consider. Here's why:

  • Breathing Disruptions: Conditions like sleep apnea, where breathing pauses during sleep, can deeply impact sleep quality. These interruptions can prevent someone from waking up in time to use the bathroom.
  • Oxygen Levels: Poor airway function at night can lead to lower oxygen levels in the body. This can disrupt the natural sleep cycle, increasing the likelihood of bedwetting.
  • Stress on the Body: Struggling to breathe properly at night puts stress on the body, which can manifest in various ways, including bedwetting.

Understanding the connection between airway health and bedwetting is key. It opens up new avenues for treatment and management, particularly for those who haven't found success with traditional methods. Addressing airway issues with a sleep apnea doctor can be a game-changer in resolving bedwetting challenges.


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bedwetting treatment beverly hills ca



What age is bedwetting alarming?

It's a question that nags at the hearts of many parents: "At what age should I be worried about bedwetting?" Here's the comforting truth: for most children, bedwetting is a normal part of development. Typically, kids outgrow it by the age of 5-6. However, if bedwetting persists beyond the age of 7, it's worth exploring further.

Is it truly possible to put an end to bedwetting for good?

The answer is filled with hope and promise. With the right approach, many can overcome bedwetting (enuresis) permanently. Dr. Hanam-Jahr's expertise brings not just hope, but real, lasting solutions.

  • Individualized Care: Every case is unique, and so is every solution.
  • Proven Techniques: From behavioral strategies to advanced treatments, options are abundant.
  • The Vivos Treatment: A groundbreaking approach addressing underlying causes.
  • Supportive Journey: It's not just about the destination; the journey matters too.

Your child can be free from the anxiety of nighttime accidents, waking up dry and confident. This isn't just a dream. Dr. Hanam-Jahr, with her unique expertise, can turn this vision into reality. Her approach is not just about treating a symptom; it's about nurturing wellbeing and restoring joy in your child's life.

bedwetting treatment beverly hills ca


Treatment for Bedwetting: The Vivos Approach

In the journey to resolve bedwetting, Dr. Hanam-Jahr introduces a holistic and effective solution: the Vivos treatment. This innovative approach stands out amidst a variety of treatments, offering a unique and permanent solution.

  • Vivos Oral Appliance: This non-invasive device, worn at night, gently expands the dental arches. It addresses potential airway and breathing issues, which are often underlying causes of bedwetting.
  • Rapid and Holistic Results: Children can experience significant improvements in bedwetting within days to weeks, thanks to the improved airway and better sleep quality.
  • Long-Term Benefits: Beyond stopping bedwetting, the Vivos treatment enhances overall well-being. Kids gain confidence, see improvements in their social and academic lives, and enjoy happier, healthier lives.

Imagine the profound impact: your child, once hindered by bedwetting, now thriving in all aspects of life. The transformation is not just physical but emotional and social. They wake up dry, attend sleepovers without worry, and approach their school day with newfound confidence. T

his is the power of the Vivos treatment — a true game-changer in bedwetting solutions. Dr. Hanam-Jahr’s expertise in this holistic approach offers more than just a cure; it's a gateway to a brighter, more joyful future for your child.

Who to Talk to About Bedwetting?

Navigating the challenges of bedwetting can be overwhelming, but finding the right expert to talk to is the first step towards a solution. For families grappling with this issue, the guidance of Dr. Jamielynn Hanam-Jahr at Beverly Hills Aesthetic Dentistry is invaluable.

  • Expert in the Field: Dr. Hanam-Jahr isn’t just a dentist; she's a compassionate expert in addressing bedwetting through holistic dental approaches.
  • Personalized Consultation: She offers in-depth, personalized consultations to understand each child’s unique situation.
  • Comprehensive Care: Her approach goes beyond immediate symptoms, looking at overall health and wellbeing.
  • A Trusted Partner: Dr. Hanam-Jahr becomes a trusted partner in your child’s journey to overcoming bedwetting, providing support, understanding, and effective solutions.

Choosing Dr. Hanam-Jahr means choosing a compassionate ally. Her expertise, particularly in treatments like Vivos, guides families towards effective, lasting solutions. Parents find reassurance in her approach, while children embark on a journey to confidence and comfort. Read more about Dr. Hanam-Jahr's airway center and take that first step.

Download the Free "Parents' Guide to Bedwetting" eBook

For parents navigating bedwetting challenges, Dr. Jamielynn Hanam-Jahr offers a valuable resource: her free eBook, "Parents' Guide to Bedwetting."

  • Expert Advice: Packed with Dr. Hanam-Jahr's insights and practical tips.
  • Emotional Support: Guidance on supporting your child through bedwetting.
  • Easy-to-Read: A straightforward, helpful read for any parent.

This guide is more than just information; it's a tool for understanding and action. Download your free copy today and start your journey to effectively managing bedwetting with confidence and care.



bedwetting treatment beverly hills ca


Begin Your Child's Journey to Confidence

Bedwetting is a challenge, but it’s one Dr. Jamielynn Hanam-Jahr can help you overcome. With her expertise, especially in the Vivos treatment, your child can look forward to:

  • Restful Nights: No more bedwetting, just peaceful sleep.
  • Renewed Confidence: Watch as your child enjoys life with newfound self-assurance.
  • Happier Days: A future filled with joy and worry-free adventures.

Ready to take the first step towards this positive change? A sleep apnea test can send you in the right direction for your child's health. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Hanam-Jahr. It's not just a meeting; it's the start of a transformative journey for your child.

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