Slee­p apnea and depression are­ two big health problems. They ofte­n happen together. About 20% of pe­ople with sleep apne­a also have depression. If sle­ep apnea is not treate­d, it can make you 2.5 times more like­ly to get depression. And de­pression can make slee­p apnea worse, which makes it hard to ge­t better. The...

You know that feeling when you can't quite keep your eyes open and a big yawn tries to escape? Well, that was pretty much my life as a kid. I was the queen of mouth breathing and loud snoring. My poor parents! They must have wondered if I'd ever sleep through the night without sounding...

Do some signs & symptoms of sleep apnea have you feeling sleepy over and over in the mornings? Do you always need a gallon of coffee to get through the day? Are you passing out the minute your head hits the pillow at night? You might brush it off as just being exhausted or getting...

Have you heard of pediatric sleep apnea? Let me ask you, is your child's restless sleep causing sleepless nights and worries? Dr. Jamielynn Hanam-Jahr at Beverly Hills Aesthetic Dentistry is here to bring peace to your family. Your child can sleeps soundly, wakes up refreshed, and thrives emotionally every day! Dr. Hanam-Jahr specializes in treating...

Many parents are looking for a bedwetting treatment in Beverly Hills, this is no secret. Does your child struggle with bedwetting (enuresis), feeling embarrassed and tired? Now picture a morning where they wake up dry and confident. At Beverly Hills Aesthetic Dentistry, led by Dr. Jamielyn Hanam-Jahr, we get how tough bedwetting can be, emotionally....

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