Six Month Smiles® Clear Braces in Beverly Hills, CA

If you hate the look of your crooked teeth but don't want to undergo years of orthodontic treatment with traditional braces, we have the solution for you! With Six Month Smiles, you can complete your orthodontic treatment in as little as 6 months while wearing discreet, clear-colored braces.

Beverly Hills Aesthetic Dentistry offers the very best Six Month Smiles treatment near Beverly Hills because all cases are treated by Dr. Hanam-Jahr. She is here to partner with you to ensure that you get the top results in the fastest possible time period.

How Do Six Month Smiles Clear Braces Work?

woman with six month smiles bracesCreated by world-class orthodontists, Six Months Smiles is a one-of-a-kind orthodontic system made to deliver ultra-fast and accurate results. Using clear brackets and wires, the system employs advanced digital technology to effectively straighten teeth in a much faster time frame than traditional braces.

During your consultation with our premier dentist Dr. Hanam-Jahr, she will assess your teeth and other oral structures to determine if Six Month Smiles is right for you. Many people are great candidates, from high school and college students to busy professionals.

Benefits Many Patients Can Experience

  • Average treatment times of only 6 months!
  • Lucid-Lok® clear brackets and tooth-colored wires are discreet and nearly invisible when worn
  • Increased comfort and hygiene when compared to traditional metal braces
  • For many patients, Six Months Smiles is more affordable when compared to traditional orthodontic systems

How Much Do Six Month Smiles Cost?

six month smiles logoYour total Six Months Smiles cost breakdown will mainly be determined by the length of your specific treatment plan.

At Beverly Hills Aesthetic Dentistry, our Beverly Hills dentist always provide honest Six Month Smiles cost breakdowns to each and every one of our patients. We accept all major credit cards, as well as no-interest and low-interest financing plans through Sunbit, Alphaeon and CareCredit®.

Is Six Month Smiles Right For Me? 

Get a straighter, more uniform smile - in as little as 6 months! Call Beverly Hills Aesthetic Dentistry today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Hanam-Jahr and determine the best orthodontic treatment plan for your lifestyle. Se habla español!

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